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Case of Beef Chuck Roll

Case of Beef Chuck Roll

The portion of the Front Quarter which is separated from the Rib, Plate, Brisket and Shank by two (2) straight cuts at right angle to each other. The first cut passes between the 5th and 6th rib and separates the Chuck, Brisket and Shank from the Rib and Plate. The second cut passes at a point slightly above (dorsal to) the elbow joint (distal extremity of the humorous) and through the cartilaginous juncture of the first (1st) rib and sternum, and separates the Chuck from the Brisket and Shank.
Usual amount of pieces per box: 3 individually bagged pieces.
Approximately weight: 7-8 kg per pc
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Care information

For best results, thaw your vacuum packed favorite beef steak in the fridge. As is, no need to open it yet, it will take about 8 hours. Do not eat raw.

Once thawed, open the vacuum packed product carefully without losing any juices.

Season or marinate it to taste. Barbeque or grill and enjoy!

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Type Beef
Grade AA-AAA
  • Where does our beef come from?


  • Is our product frozen?

    Yes its FRESHLY FROZEN. Meaning we don't wait until the best before date to freeze. We freeze it as fresh as it can be, so when you thaw your product out at home, it remains super fresh.

  • What grade is our beef

    AA-AAA grade

  • How should I store my product?

    You should store our products in your freezer. We use freezer friendly vaccummed sealed packaging that can extend the shelve life of your products by several months.

  • How should I thaw my products?

    The safest way to thaw our products is to transfer it from freezer to the refridgerator and allowing it to thaw slowly.

  • What is the recommended internal temperature for cooking beef?

    The recommended internal temperature for cooking eef caries depending on the desired level of doneness and the cut. However it is generally advised to cook ground beef to an internal temperature of 160 degrees F and steaks or roasts to a minimum internal temperature of 145 Degrees F for a meadium-rare doneness.

As soon as receiving your product please place it back into your freezer. If you are planning on consuming product that day, leave product in your fridge to thaw.
We try to ship within 1-2 business days of receiving orders. If orders come in on Friday after business hours it will be delivered in 1-2 business days.